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Data Science with R Training

Module 1: Fundamentals of 'R'

First steps with R
Discover the data types & variable in R
Installing R on personal machines. retrieving R packages.
Basics of R, R-Studio, R Markdown.
Data types, variable assignment

Module 2: Vectors

Analyze gambling behaviour using vectors. Create, name and select elements from vectors.
Comparing Vectors
Selection from Vectors
Sorting of Vectors

Module 3: Matrices

Work with matrices in R
Computations with matrices
Demonstrate your knowledge by analyzing the any data figures
Comparing Matrices
Selection from Matrices
Sorting of Matrices

Module 4: Factors

R stores categorical data in factors
Learn how to create subset and compare categorical data.
Comparing Factors
Selection from Factors
Sorting of Factors

Module 5: Data Frames

Learn how to create data frames
Data sets and structure
Selection from data frames
Sorting of data frames

Module 6: Lists

Learn how to create list
list and data structure
Selection and Sorting from/of list

Module 7:

If/else statements.
For/while loops.
Apply() family over data
Utilities like with(), grepl(), sub() to specify environment

Module 8:

Writing Functions in R
A quick refresher for functions
Functional programming
Advanced inputs and outputs
Robust functions

Module 9: Importing Data into R

Importing data from flat files
Importing data from Excel
Importing data from Databases
Importing data from the web

Advance R Data Visualization

Module 1:

The Grammar of Graphics
Lines and Syntax
Interactivity and Layers
Customizing Axes, Legends.

Module 2:

Data Visualization with ggplot2
Introduction & Data
qplot and wrap-up
Coordinates and Facets

Data Visualization - Best Practices & Case Study
Statistical Modelling

Intro to Statistics with R:
Histograms and Distributions
Scales of Measurement
Measures of Central Tendency
Measures of Variability

Machine Learning

Introduction to Machine Learning

  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Semi-Supervised Learning

Performance measures



Fees: 28,000 Rs/-
Duration: 2 Months

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